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We work closely with partners across the country.
Sales are just the beginning, and service is eternal.

Shanghai headquarters address:Room 502, Jixian Center, 565 Shengxia Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Shenzhen branch address:16H, Fengye building, Nanyuan, 1088 Nanshan Avenue,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen


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Work hand in hand, and stand together.

  • Pre-sale customer service

  • Set up a pre-sales consultation hotline, the sales team will contact you within 2 hours of receiving the first consultation from the customer.

  • Click online consultationOr call the consultation hotline:13961680511
  • After-sales customer service

  • Set up a 24-hour after-sales hotline, and confirm the on-site service time (except for special requirements) on the same day, and immediately offer on-site service under special circumstances, and achieve 100% return visits.

  • 13961680511

We will get contact you as soon as possible!